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        Fifth International Conference on Post-Quantum Cryptography
Last update : June the 24th, 2013
Tuesday June 4
From 19:30 Registration and reception at the City hall (9 place Léon Betoulle, 87000 Limoges).
Wednesday June 5
8:30 Registration
8:45 Opening remarks

Session I : Multivariate Cryptography

9:00 Multivariate signature scheme using quadratic forms [Slides pptx pdf]
Kouichi Sakura and Tsuyoshi Takagi and Takanori Yasuda

9:35 Simple Matrix Scheme for Encryption [Slides pdf]
Adama Diene and Jintai Ding and Chengdong Tao

10:15 Fast Verification for Improved Versions of the UOV and Rainbow Signature Schemes [Slides ppt pdf]
Johannes Buchmann and Stanislav Bulygin and Albrecht Petzoldt

10:50 Coffee break

Invited Talk 1

11:15 Improved Security for a Ring-Based Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme [Slides pdf]
Michael Naehrig

12:30 Lunch

Session II : Lattices

14:15 Software Speed Records for Lattice-Based Signatures [Slides pdf]
Tim Güneysu and Tobias Oder and Thomas Pöppelmann and Peter Schwabe

14:50 Improved Lattice-Based Threshold Ring Signature Scheme [Slides pdf]
Bettaieb Slim and Schrek Julien

15:30 Coffee break

Session III : Code-based attacks

16:10 Attacks against the Syndrome Inversion in Code-based Cryptosystems [Slides pdf]
Falko Strenzke

16:45 An efficient attack of a McEliece cryptosystem variant based on convolutional codes [pdf]
Grégory Landais and Jean-Pierre Tillich
Thursday June 6

Session IV : Code-based crypto

9:00 The Hardness of Code Equivalence over $\mathbb{F}_q$ and its Application to Code-based Cryptography [Slides pdf]
Nicolas Sendrier and Dimitris E. Simos

9:35 Secure and Anonymous Hybrid Encryption from Coding Theory [Slides pdf]
Edoardo Persichetti

10:10 Using LDGM Codes and Sparse Syndromes to Achieve Digital Signatures [Slides pdf]
Marco Baldi and Marco Bianchi and Franco Chiaraluce and Joachim Rosenthal and Davide Schipani

10:45 Coffee break

Session V : Multivariate cryptography - cryptanalysis part 1

11:10 Degree of Regularity for HFEv and HFEv-
Jintai Ding and Bo-Yin Yang

11:45 Cryptanalysis of Hash-based Tamed Transformation and Minus Signature Scheme [Slides pdf]
Johannes Buchmann and Xuyun Nie and Zhaohu Xu

12:30 Lunch

Invited Talk II

14:00 Polynomial Speed-Up Quantum Algorithms Overview [Slides pdf]
Frederic Magniez

Session VI : Quantum based results

15:15 Solving the Shortest Vector Problem in Lattices Faster Using Quantum Search [Slides pdf]
Thijs Laarhoven and Michele Mosca and Joop van de Pol

15:50 Quantum algorithms for the subset-sum problem [Slides pdf]
Daniel J. Bernstein and Stacey Jeffery and Tanja Lange and Alexander Meurer

16:25 Quantum Key Distribution in the Classical Authenticated Key Exchange Framework [Slides pdf]
Michele Mosca and Douglas Stebila and Berkant Ustaoglu

17:00 Coffee break

17h30 Meeting of the steering committee

19h30 Banquet at The Pont Saint-Etienne
Friday June 7

Session VII : Multivariate cryptography - cryptanalysis part 2

9:00 A Classification of Differential Invariants for Multivariate Post-Quantum Cryptosystems [Slides pdf]
Ray Perlne and Daniel Smith-Tone

9:35 Title: Extended Algorithm for Solving Underdefined Multivariate Quadratic Equations [Slides pdf]
Yasufumi Hashimoto and Hiroyuki Miura and Tsuyoshi Takagi

10:10 Coffee break

10:40 - 12:15 Recent Results Session [Slides tar.gz zip]

12:30 Lunch

14:30 Excursion : Adrien Dubouché National Porcelaine Museum
(Remark: the Museum is very well known and 10mn walk from the conference place, we will take your luggages in charge).

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