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        Fifth International Conference on Post-Quantum Cryptography
Last update : June the 24th, 2013
Accepted Papers
The list of accepted papers is available HERE. You can also find this list below.
  1. The Hardness of Code Equivalence over $\mathbb{F}_q$ and its Application to Code-based Cryptography
    Nicolas Sendrier and Dimitris E. Simos
  2. Timing Attacks against the Syndrome Inversion in Code-based Cryptosystems
    Falko Strenzke
  3. Quantum Key Distribution in the Classical Authenticated Key Exchange Framework
    Michele Mosca and Douglas Stebila and Berkant Ustaoglu
  4. Solving the Shortest Vector Problem in Lattices Faster Using Quantum Search
    Thijs Laarhoven and Michele Mosca and Joop van de Pol
  5. An efficient attack of a McEliece cryptosystem variant based on convolutional codes
    Grégory Landais and Jean-Pierre Tillich
  6. Multivariate signature scheme using quadratic forms
    Takanori Yasuda and Tsuyoshi Takagi and Kouichi Sakura
  7. Secure and Anonymous Hybrid Encryption from Coding Theory
    Edoardo Persichetti
  8. Extended Algorithm for Solving Underdefined Multivariate Quadratic Equations
    Hiroyuki Miura and Yasufumi Hashimoto and Tsuyoshi Takagi
  9. Fast Verification for Improved Versions of the UOV and Rainbow Signature Schemes
    Albrecht Petzoldt and Stanislav Bulygin and Johannes Buchmann
  10. Degree of Regularity for HFEv and HFEv-
    Jintai Ding and Bo-Yin Yang
  11. Using LDGM Codes and Sparse Syndromes to Achieve Digital Signatures
    Marco Baldi and Marco Bianchi and Franco Chiaraluce and Joachim Rosenthal and Davide Schipani
  12. Software Speed Records for Lattice-Based Signatures
    Tim Güneysu and Tobias Oder and Thomas Pöppelmann and Peter Schwabe
  13. Cryptanalysis of Hash-based Tamed Transformation and Minus Signature Scheme
    Xuyun Nie and Zhaohu Xu and Johannes Buchmann
  14. Simple Matrix Scheme for Encryption
    Chengdong Tao and Adama Diene and Jintai Ding
  15. Improved Lattice-Based Threshold Ring Signature Scheme
    Schrek Julien and Bettaieb Slim
  16. A Classification of Differential Invariants for Multivariate Post-Quantum Cryptosystems
    Daniel Smith-Tone and Ray Perlne
  17. Quantum algorithms for the subset-sum problem
    Daniel J. Bernstein and Stacey Jeffery and Tanja Lange and Alexander Meurer
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